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StrengthCalc Closed Beta looking for testers!

Development has finally picked up again, and now I need testers for the upcoming version of StrengthCalc.  I’ve created a separate app on the play store that is in ‘permanent alpha’ as a testing ground for new features.

New Features/Changes:

  • COMPLETELY native – no more ugly and slow webview/javascript
  • Add exercises to a workout, and have them permanently saved to that day!
  • Add unique exercises to your database, and add them to your routines.
  • Email/Password users can still sync their stats (not logs yet).
  • Workout Logs are now native and much more responsive.
  • Downloadable routines — SOON

Here’s some screenshots:


Screenshot_2014-08-21-16-30-00 Screenshot_2014-08-21-16-30-54 Screenshot_2014-08-21-16-31-00 Screenshot_2014-08-21-16-31-08 Screenshot_2014-08-21-16-31-12 Screenshot_2014-08-21-16-31-22 Screenshot_2014-08-21-16-32-13 Screenshot_2014-08-21-16-32-16 Screenshot_2014-08-21-16-35-09 Screenshot_2014-08-21-16-35-22



Join the SC Betatesters group:  https://groups.google.com/forum/#!newtopic/strengthcalc-beta-testers to sign up.

Then, OPT IN via the Play Store by following this link: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.asgaardianworkshop.StrengthCalc

Note:  This is a beta, so it doesn’t have all the routines and features, as the functionality is being rewritten and improved from the original version.  You can keep both version installed side-by-side however, if the routine you’re following hasn’t yet be implemented.



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